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Exam Prep

CIFC Prep Notes (LCIEP04)

Prep notes that will help to prepare you for the CIFC exam.
  • Regulatory Environment
  • CIFC U1 L1 Regulatory Bodies
  • CIFC U1 L2 Regulations
  • Registrant Responsibilities
  • CIFC U2 L1 Ethics
  • CIFC U2 L2 Compliance
  • CIFC U2 L3 Compliance Issues
  • CIFC U2 L4 Registration Requirements
  • Suitability
  • CIFC U3 L1 Strategic Investment Planning
  • CIFC U3 L2 Suitability
  • CIFC U3 L3 Know Your Client (KYC)
  • CIFC U3 L4 Know Your Product (KYP)
  • CIFC U3 L5 Assessing Suitability
  • Economic Factors and Financial Markets
  • CIFC U4 L1 Economic Factors
  • CIFC U4 L2 Financial Markets
  • CIFC U4 L3 Canada's Financial System
  • Types of Investments
  • CIFC U5 L1 Building Blocks of Mutual Funds
  • CIFC U5 L2 Fixed Income Securities
  • CIFC U5 L3 Bonds
  • CIFC U5 L4 Equities
  • CIFC U5 L5 Derivatives
  • Types of Mutual Funds
  • CIFC U6 L1 Intro to Mutual Funds
  • CIFC U6 L2 Mutual Fund Categories
  • CIFC U6 L3 Conservative Mutual Funds
  • CIFC U6 L4 Growth-oriented Mutual Funds
  • CIFC U6 L5 Competitive Products
  • Portfolio Management
  • CIFC U7 L1 The Portfolio Manager
  • CIFC U7 L2 Financial Statements
  • CIFC U7 L3 Mutual Fund Performance and Risk
  • Mutual Fund Administration
  • CIFC U8 L1 Mutual Fund Organization
  • CIFC U8 L2 Purchasing Mutual Funds
  • CIFC U8 L3 Redeeming Mutual Funds
  • CIFC U8 L4 Fee Structure
  • CIFC U8 L5 Disclosure
  • Retirement
  • CIFC U9 L1 Government and Employer Plans
  • CIFC U9 L2 Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs)
  • CIFC U9 L3 Withdrawing from RRSPs
  • CIFC U9 L4 Locked-In Accounts
  • Taxation
  • CIFC U10 L1 Canadian Tax System
  • CIFC U10 L2 Taxation of Investment Income
  • CIFC U10 L3 Taxation of Mutual Funds
  • Making Recommendations
  • CIFC U11 L1 Evaluating the Client
  • CIFC U11 L2 Selecting Mutual Funds
  • CIFC U11 L3 Asset Allocation
  • CIFC U11 L4 Tax Efficient Strategies
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed